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    Monday, 22 September 2014

    When is the last time you had a homecooked meal? Chances are its been a while. Most people simply do not have the time. At least they lead themselves to believe that. Others think or beleive it's too expensive. Home cooked meals can be fun and very gratifying.

    Most of us love to eat but despise to cook. We love to come home and smell the mouth watering aromas of home cooked food. But we forget all about the cravings and the passion for foods when the thoughts of the cooking process comes. All that preparations such as slicing, mixing, boiling and sautéing are turned into a valid reason for us to swipe our cards and just dine out. In other words, we magnify those repulsions rather than our fondness on foods.

    Let's face the fact that foods make people happy. They make them feel good and it provides comfort and enjoyment. Whatever may be the reason, one thing is for sure and that is we enjoy having breakfast, lunch or dinner together with our families. So for people to pass up dining out and just enjoy a comfy meal, here are two tips to make the meal more enjoyable:

    Tip 1: One Way to enjoy home cooking is to focus on the benefits of home cooking.

    Remember that when you prepare food at home, you are positive that you are serving healthy meals. Preparing home cooked meals allow you to control the amount of salt and oils in cooking. A lot of restaurants use large amount of salt and fats to give their meals a better taste.

    Moreover, home cooked meals can be self-picked either from your own garden or from your local grocery. Fresh ingredients in meals which are prepared at home are full of vitamins and minerals. Unlike in most restaurants where ingredients are stored or recycled, by cooking at home you are sure that you are serving only the freshest food.

    Another benefit of home cooked meal is that it saves money. Well, it has been known that meals served in most restaurants are luxurious. They cost three times more expensive than home cooked meals. One way to cut cost is to control the ingredients on home cooked meals. Selecting ingredients that are on sale and using coupons at the grocery can save money.

    Tip 2: Find ways to make food preparation quick and easy.

    It is true that we all love home cooked meals and people are just so lazy and busy to prepare foods. People tend to order food or dine out which are much expensive and are usually unhealthy.

    Here are some tips to make home cooking easy:

    Buy pre-chopped ingredients

    Busy schedules left people no choice but to order meals of dine out. This is because it saves them time and at times they are very convenient.

    Truthfully, the hardest part is the preparation process which includes shopping, chopping, marinating and so on and so forth. Fortunately today, most of grocery stores have pre-chopped ingredients. They can certainly save time and energy. Aside from that, try investing on chopping gadgets that would make preparation easier and convenient. Also, don't forget to purchase good quality food storage as not to spoil the food. One of the most ideal ways to store foods is by dehydrating the food. Herbs, spices, leaves, fruits and vegetables can be dehydrated and store into the refrigerator or in a cool dry place. It makes food preparation very quick and easy.

    Tip 3: Be creative in the preparation of food and venue.

    Make the meal special by adding chocolate dip on the side plate. If you are dining with your spouse, you may want to add her favorite flower and use a good-looking vase. Using candles can also create a wonderful ambiance. Be playful and let the artist in you come out.

    Indeed home cooked meals have its share of advantages. However, because of the tiring cooking process, most families choose to dine out or order foods. Focusing on the benefits of home cooked meals and finding ways to ease the preparation process of cooking allows families to enjoy their meals at home.

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    Tuesday, 16 September 2014

    Everyone is getting back to normal routines now that school is back in session, and the summer has come to a close. For most families with kids, getting back into that daily grind includes dinners at night. You are tired and the kids are cranky. Some days it seems like it would just be easier to pick up some fast food, or make a call to local delivery restaurant. However, those are unhealthy and pulls a lot of money from your wallet.

    If you are smart. Preplan your dinners on Sunday morning for the entire week. Go to the grocery store the same day. Then prep all of your meals that afternoon. Get the kids involved too. There's no reason those ankle biters can't help out too. If your meals are pre-prepared ahead of time, then when you get home from work, your meals should only take 10 -20 minutes. You will be happy you put the effort into pre-prep, and the meals will be healthier for your kids.

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