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    Wednesday, 07 November 2007
    People enjoy watching television, some have fun listening to music, some are very satisfied in life with their reading habits and many go great guns in life tapping their feet to the tunes of all the available tracks in the market. But have you ever realized that there is another set of human beings who are very satisfied with their eating habits and plan to make it their hobby. It’s an old saying “Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper” but these food lovers do not plan to spare even their dinners. And when it comes to a thanksgiving dinner...their happiness knows no bounds.

    I still remember one of the parties thrown by a friend of mine who could be added into the list of synonyms for a foodie. The venue was although a little far from my house but I could not resist myself from going. I was there at the venue at the exact time, with an intention of not missing out on a single bit of fun. More than the party it was the dinner table that stole the show. It was all so amazing. The menu had in it some:

    Cornbreads: This was quite a favorite with the English and the Native Americans. Bread was an integral part of the English meal and corn was their favorite, so a combination of both was a perfect menu for thanksgiving.

    English Cheese Pie: The English dining table was incomplete without cheese on it, so cheese for them calls for a lot of importance and cheese pie has always been their favorite.

    Venison: History stands witness to the Native Americans being great hunters and they had brought five deers to the First Thanksgiving. Thus goes this yummy recipe of Venison in preparing which, onions and butter play a big role, the common ingredients known to the Puritans.

    Garlic and Onions: This was highly used in New England as it was very easy to grow here. Due to its wide growth, it formed a major part of the diet of the English people. Its preparations included stick butter, cloves garlic (minced), small onions (halved and peeled) and dill (chopped). The making is also simple:

    The butter has to be melted first to which we add garlic and cook gently for a minute or two. We then arrange the onions in a baking dish and pour 3/4 of the garlic butter over the onions. We then bake it until tender. Reheating the remaining garlic butter is advisable. Finally add the dill and pour over the onions.

    Pumpkin Pudding: Pumpkin Pudding was a recipe that the Native Americans enjoyed so much. Puddings were a standard meal with the English, but the Pumpkin Pie came into existence many decades later. Pumpkins were usually served in stews and puddings.

    Well that was all for the menu and since garlic and onions were the show stealers I preferred to give you the procedure of preparing it, so that you could try it at home. Other than this the host of the party had arranged for some dance and music but there was nothing in comparison to the good food that he had arranged. The thanksgiving dinner received praises from all the guests present and everyone had a wish to have the same kind in fact a better one in the coming year.
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