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Whether you're planning a formal or birthday dinner party the use of custom invitations is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your artistic flair. Even if you're not an artistic person custom invitations have become very popular of late. Custom invitations are very versatile they can be used for a number of different occasions from business dinners to 50th birthday parties. You don't have to be a graphic designer to customize an invitation it can simply be done by adding a photograph or personalizing the written text. Standard store invitations don't allow for any customization hence the popularity of custom invitations especially for dinner parties. Before you rush out and send your dinner party invitations there are some things to consider first.

When planning a dinner party there are many things to consider, including how big is your event going to be, is it going to be themed and what food are you going to serve. All these questions and more will affect the design of your invitation. Custom invitations are well suited to formal occasions, where you may have to include additional information on the invite. Many formal dinner invitations will include the dinner menu on the invite which helps generate buzz and excitement about the occasion. In addition to generating buzz about the food it's also a recommended to include the menu on the invitation in case any guests suffer food allergies, then they can contact you in advance. If you're throwing a cocktail party it's polite to list on the invitation that only finger food and beverages will be served. Then guests can decide if they're going to eat something before arriving at the event.

Corporate business dinners are a popular way of conducting business outside the office environment. Business dinner parties are normally quite structured events with strict agendas. To ensure the evening run smoothly it's advised that you list the evening's agenda on the invitation. Custom invitations easily allow you the ability to add meeting schedules and other important information on the invite. By including this information on the invitation you're allowing the guests to be better prepared for the event, making it a more productive occasion. Business dinners are corporate events so it's important the design of the invitation reflects that event. Try to avoid using bright colors on business dinner invitations as they're better suited for birthday invitations. Also with the written text make sure the text reflects the event, avoid using slang and jokes in business or formal dinner party invitations.

The use of photos on custom invitations is very popular especially for surprise birthday dinner parties. To make the invitation stand-out try to find a funny photo of your friend or family member and attach it to the invite. If you're planning a themed dinner party, like a masquerade dinner party you can easily customize the invitation to reflect the party and in turn generate a lot of excitement about the event.

James has recently moved to New York and he enjoys putting on dinner parties for his friends and family. His experience with Cyperus Greetings in Syosset, Long Island has been excellent and he recommends them for all your custom invitations and stationery requirements.

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