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Want to save some money on your purchase with Send a Meal today? Here are today's coupon codes and savings information. Use these coupon codes when going through the checkout. Enjoy!

Promotion Coupon Code
Order online to save 5% on all products.  EASY5
Save 7% on gift certificates.  CERTXX
Save an additional 10% on 5 & 7-Day Meal Plans            MEALPLAN
Save an additional 7% off any order over $150.00  DRYICE

*You must have the coupon code and enter it during checkout. We regret that we cannot process these discounts manually or retroactively.

Only one Send a Meal coupon code maybe used per order. 

Save an additional 10% on these great products. 
Order Food Gift Baskets
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5 meals. Each serves 4.
We know your life is busy... Select the dinners you want.

Send Food Gift Baskets
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7 meals. Each dinner serves 4.
Our most popular meal plan puts you in control. Select the meals you want.

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