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Gourmet Carrot Cake

Two Layer Carrot Cake


Limited Supply
Traditional, tasty, and lovingly crafted using the finest ingredients.


When it comes to dessert, you shouldn't settle for anything less. Two-Layer Carrot Cake guarantees you won't have to. This carrot cake delivers the homemade flavor of sweet spiced sponge cake and rich, tangy frosting that you love - without a lick of kitchen work. All you have to do to prepare our Two-Layered Carrot Cake is pull it out of your freezer and wait. This cake is thaw & serve easy. It's also made with the finest ingredients our chefs could get their hands on. Their world-class recipe uses real freshly shredded carrots, premium eggs, pecans, cinnamon, and sugars. All of it perfectly blended and baked into a decadently moist two-layer cake that's enrobed with cream cheese frosting. Meticulously detailed hand-piping makes its presentation simply magnificent. Best of all, our convenient delivery means you don't even have to worry about adding another item to your shipping list. Order this traditional confection today and we'll send it straight to your door. Don't wait!

This item includes the following:

   1 (30 oz.) Two-Layer Carrot Cake

Two-Layer Carrot Cake
For best results, remove cake from box and thaw in refrigerator overnight. Cake may be thawed at room temperature for 1-2 hours. Slice and serve. Keep thawed cake covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to 5-7 days.

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