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Dessert Gift Delivery
Dessert Sampler:
Serves 2
Serves 4

Sweet Dreams Dessert Sampler

Starting at $99.95

Each Serves 2 or 4
6 Desserts Delivered!


Luscious desserts and nothing but- when you want to reward yourself-or someone else with some incredible desserts!

This dessert bundle has been hand-picked to provide you and yours with an assortment of high-quality, luscious desserts! You have the option to buy 2 servings or 4 servings.

This item includes the following:

Panna Cotta (a double order)
Carrot Cake
Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding
Double Fudge Brownies
You Bake Apple-Raisin Strudel 
Pucker Up Lemon Loaf

Panna Cotta
No heating required. Prepare product from partially frozen state for best results.
Remove container from freezer one hour prior to eating for best results. (May be kept in refrigerator for up to three days if defrosted.) Take top of container off and run a knife around inside of metal container. Turn container over onto plate and remove container.

Carrot Cake
No heating necessary. Thaw cake. Remove plastic packaging from paper tray. Place cake onto a plate to serve.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding
Prepare from THAWED state for best results. Individual appliance cooking times will vary. Adjust cooking time accordingly.

Double Fudge Brownies
No heating necessary
. Thaw brownie. Remove plastic packaging from paper tray. Place brownie onto a plate to serve.

You Bake Apple-Raisin Strudel
Oven-from Frozen: DO NOT THAW. Prepare from frozen for best results. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Remove strudel from packaging and place on cookie sheet in oven. Cook for 30-40 minutes until browned. Remove strudel from oven and place on plate. Enjoy!

Pucker Up Lemon Loaf
No reheating necessary. Remove plastic packaging from paper tray. Place lemon loaf onto a plate to serve.

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Gourmet Chocolate Cake
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Serves 6-8 
The best chocolate cake delivery.

Gourmet Chocolate Desserts
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6 Servings
Divine combination of chocolate and caramel.

German Chocolate Cake Delivery
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