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Send a Meal | Soup of the Month


    Each month's soups serves two or four people, and most meals can be easily split to serve two to last throughout the entire month. Simply place the remaining easy to use packaging in your freezer and heat the remaining portions when your ready to eat them!

    Join the Soup of the Month Club and each month you'll receive a gourmet soup. Each soup gift will be delivered during the 3rd to 4th week of each month according to length your meal plan.

    Order this monthly meal plan now to receive FREE SHIPPING every month! Give the perfect hassle free gift that keeps on giving! The Soup of the Month Club is the perfect gift for just about anyone!

    The Soup of the Month Club is a gourmet gift your recipient will look forward to every month. Each month we will deliver for free the homemade soups available online. Our soups include new and exciting menus from award-winning chefs. Our prepared soup delivery will also include complete cooking instructions for that month's selection. We offer 3 and 6-month clubs that can be delivered to any location nationwide. Monthly soup gifts perfect for gifting and more.